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Linda Rodrigues Takes Home Her Third Eastern Poker Tour Monthly In Three Years!

Linda Rodrigues is no stranger to being at a Monthly Final Table, let alone win it! Today marks her third Eastern Poker Tour Monthly in three seasons.

Going back to Season 31 and then winning it all again last September.

One hundred fifty-three players came today to not only take home extra money, but had a little more incentive to make it to the Final Table…..THE TROPHY!

Entering the Final Table, Linda was third in chips. She knocked out two of the first three players on the table. Then went card dead…that’s where Rob Mezakowski comes in.

Rob knocked out two players in a row. When it came three handed with Jim Gardner in the mix, Linda eliminated Jim making it a heads up battle with Rob.

And what a battle it was, Linda would have won this event about 10 minutes earlier, but Rob rivered two pair to knock Linda down (but not out). Rob was in control until Linda rivered a straight to go on cruise control to the victory.

On the final hand of the event (see below), Linda had to put the pedal down to seal the deal.

Rob was down to 7,000 just before lunch break and grinded…and grinded….and grinded all afternoon to make the Final Table.

Glenn, Gretel, Craig and the rest of the Eastern Poker Tour tournament staff would like to say thank you to all who came out today.

We will see you all again on Saturday June 22nd here at 10am for the May Monthly Championship!

Players:  153
Name Region
1st* Linda Rodrigues SM $2,500.00
2nd * Rob Mezakowski NS $1,650.00
3rd * Jim Gardner CM $1,200.00
4th * Ben Bray CM $800.00
5th * Johnny Kelly SM $600.00
6th * Bill Samatowicz SM $500.00
7th * Bill Lyons FR $450.00
8th * George Rivera SM $400.00
9th Jim Dietel SM $350.00
10th Nancy St. Laurent RI $250.00
11th Francesco Therisod SM $250.00
12th Chun Destramp GL $250.00
13th Joe Ouellette SM $200.00
14th Steven Morey RI $200.00
15th Tom Degregorio NS $200.00
16th John Germano RI $200.00
* Season 34 – Day 2 Wild Card seat
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