10:10 pm

Cormier Crushes Marzette

Eastern Poker Tour’s $50,000 Season Finals – Day 2 (Championship) Blinds – 150,000/300,000/300,000 Brad Cormier shoves in middle position for 2.1 million, Marisol (in the small blind) calls. Brad – K♦ K♠ Marisol – Q♦ Q♣ The board run jack high and Brad wins the pot and puts Marisol at 400,000

10:03 pm

Cashers — 9th Thru 50th

9th Frank Bethoney CM $1,200.00 10th Patrick Banyaniye RI $1,000.00 11th Drew Womack CH $750.00 12th Ronnie Smith CM $750.00 13th Manny Avila CH $600.00 14th Pat Aguiar WEB $600.00 15th Javier Romero SM $500.00 16th Rich Maloney SM $500.00 17th Domonic Armano GL $450.00 18th Jacky Lau NS $450.00 19th Scott Solomon CM $350.00 […]