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Slade Edmonds Wins The Eastern Poker Tour’s $50,000 Season Finals

The Eastern Poker Tour is proud to announce that Slade Edmonds has won the $50,000 Season Finals. For his efforts, he takes home $12,000.

One hundred fifty nine players came to start play here at 11am. Some were lucky enough to start off with a “Double stack” of 200,000 in chips. Slade was one of those lucky ones. “I didn’t get too involved early in the day” said Edmonds.

Edmonds is no stranger to Season Finals Final Tables. Back in Season 28, Slade was runner up to Manny Avila. Now Slade can add a first place finish to his Finals record.

Slade was 5th in chips coming into this Final Table. “My goal was to climb up the pay scale” said a humble Edmonds.

It took 206 hands before we saw our first person out on this Final Table who was Chris Rogers. It took another 60 hands before we were able to have a winner. This Final table had some unbeliveable, and we do mean unbelievable hands. There was one hand (that you can see on the Facebook Live video) where Slade had pocket Jacks against Ace/Jack offsuit and when the board had three Queens and the 4th jack showed up on the river, the crowd was stunned that Slade had to settle for a chopped pot.

Congrats go to our highest placed woman, that was Marisol Marzette. She waited two years to play in this event because she qualified during Season 30.

The same goes for Tony Copper. He too waited two years to play.

From the time Rogers was knocked out, it took 60 hands to finish the tournament.

Here are the official results from the Season Finals:

1st Slade Edmonds RI $12,000.00
2nd Tony Cooper FR $7,000.00
3rd Tom Drozewski NS $5,000.00
4th Brad Cormier CM $3,500.00
5th Marisol Marzette RI $2,500.00
6th Johnny Kelly SM $2,000.00
7th Bob Colangelo FR $1,600.00
8th Chris Rogers FR $1,400.00
9th Frank Bethoney CM $1,200.00
10th Patrick Banyaniye RI $1,000.00
11th Drew Womack CH $750.00
12th Ronnie Smith CM $750.00
13th Manny Avila CH $600.00
14th Pat Aguiar WEB $600.00
15th Javier Romero SM $500.00
16th Rich Maloney SM $500.00
17th Domonic Armano GL $450.00
18th Jacky Lau NS $450.00
19th Scott Solomon CM $350.00
20th David Coyle NS $350.00
21st Louis Barbosa GL $300.00
22nd Billy Burwick FR $300.00
23rd Paul Giroux CH $300.00
24th Christopher  Piaseczny SM $300.00
25th Ron Bussiere CM $300.00
26th Mike Reilly SM $300.00
27th Paul Shibles GL $300.00
28th Chuck Truett CM $300.00
29th Yianni Emmanouilidis CH $300.00
30th Charlene Cruz GL $300.00
31st Shawn Wilder CM $250.00
32nd Earl Bower FR $250.00
33rd Rich Clune CM $250.00
34th Tim Leonard RI $250.00
35th Brian Rodriguez RI $250.00
36th Jim Petrillo CM $250.00
37th Linda Rodriguez SM $250.00
38th Cindy Pacheco SM $250.00
39th Anthony Smith GL $250.00
40th Rich Collier WEB $250.00
41st Linda Mullen SM $200.00
42nd Susan DeAmato CM $200.00
43rd Susan Pell FR $200.00
44th Dan Magliocco CH $200.00
45th Michael Cintolo FR $200.00
46th Sonya Harrison SM $200.00
47th John Beady SM $200.00
48th Bob Beland SM $200.00
49th Kurt Heitmann RI $200.00
50th Josh Heafy SM $200.00

Glenn, Gretel, Craig and the rest of the tournament staff would like to thank everyone who came out during the weekend to play.

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