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Tony Cooper Wins The First Monthly Of Season 34

It has been awhile since Tony Cooper has made it to a Monthly Final Table. His last Monthly win was back in Season 30 at the May Monthly.

Well, the monkey is off of his back as he takes down the March $10,000 Monthly Championship here at the Walpole VFW. He takes home $2500 PLUS a “Wild Card” seat to Day 2 of the Season 34 $30K Finals.

One hundred fifty-three (153)  people came to play in the first Monthly of Season 34.

Tony grinded and grinded all day to make it to the Final Table. When play started, he was 5th in chips and almost single handedly knocked out everyone (except 2).

Tony’s big hand was when he knocked out Brandin Power and crippled Ronnie Smith’s stack in one hand. After that, Tony was on cruise control to the victory.

Tony had a small cheering section with him but the one person who stood (sat) behind him the entire Final Table was Susan Pell.

The chip leader Ryan pretty much stayed out of Tony’s way until they got to heads-up play. Chips were going back and forth. On the last hand at the 30,000/60,000 the last hand was played. Tony was a little better than 2:1 in chips on the final hand


Two black fives were best over Ryan’s two red fours.


Below are the results from today’s event:

Players:  153
Name Region
1st* Tony Cooper FR $2,500.00
2nd * Ryan Gaucher SM $1,650.00
3rd * Ronnie Smith CM $1,200.00
4th * John Germano RI $800.00
5th * Francesco Theirisod SM $600.00
6th * Charles Petrizzi NS $500.00
7th * Brandin Power GL $450.00
8th * Glenda Ricci RI $400.00
9th Josh Anderson RI $350.00
10th David Muise FR $250.00
11th Jhonny Ortiz RI $250.00
12th Stephen Loftgren WEB $250.00
13th Brian Taylor CH $200.00
14th Chris Rinn RI $200.00
15th Kelly O’Hare CH $200.00
16th Steve Miller CM $200.00
* Wild Card seat to Season 34 Finals
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