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Gino Golisano Wins The Last Monthly Of Season 33!

The last Monthly of the Season 33 is in the books.

Gino Golisano, from the North Shore Region, wins his very first Monthly.

After taking some time off from playing poker for a few months, Gino won the Lakeside Inn event in February to secure a seat into today’s event.

Gino, along with 167 other players, came here to the Walpole VFW to try and get one of the last “Wild Card” seats into Day 2 of the Season 33 Finals.

Gino had to side swipe a lot of landmines when we got down to the final three tables.

Once we got to the Final Table, he was second in chips (behind Milkshake).

His goal was to make the “Top 8” to earn a seat into the Season Finals.

For his efforts, Gino takes home $2500 in cash. His buddy Jamey finished in 3rd taking home $800.

With the blinds at 60,000/120,000, he was heads up with Kelly O’Hare and crippled Kelly when his pocket threes dominated Kelly’s pocket sevens when a three came in the window leaving Kelly only with a few big blinds.

As you can see, Kelly’s final hand was A♠ 5♠ vs. Gino’s 10♠ 7♠. A ten came in the window but Kelly had out’s on the turn when a second spade came.

A few side notes :

— Billy Acerra (5th) and Yanni (6th) both earned a “Double Stack” for Day 2 of the Season Finals.

— Ryan Meeledy (4th) Final tabled his 3rd time this Season! Way to go!


The next post you read will be from the Hilton in Milford, Mass at the Season 33 Finals!

We hope to see you there for a GREAT POKER WEEKEND!

Players:  168
Name Region
1st* Gino Golisano NS $2,500.00
2nd * Kelly O’Hare CM $1,650.00
3rd * Jamey Bosco NS $1,200.00
4th * Ryan Meeledy SM $800.00
5th * Billy “Milkshake” Acerra CH $600.00
6th * Yanni Emmanouilidis CH $500.00
7th * Kurt Hietmann CM $450.00
8th * Al Gabrielle RI $400.00
9th Jean Politano CH $350.00
10th Mike Cintolo FR $250.00
11th Sonya Harrison SM $250.00
12th Johnny Kelly SM $250.00
13th Ken Kurgo NS $200.00
14th Taylor Chouinard FR $200.00
15th Wayne Laferte SM $200.00
16th Mark Sherwood SM $200.00
* Wild Card seat to Season 33 Finals
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  • Salgolisano

    Congratulations to my Son Gino in 1st place Good Luck in the next Round Son God and Grandpa and Grandma watching over you