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Stephen Lofgren Wins The January $10,000 Monthly Championship

Today, here at the VFW in Walpole, one-hundred seventy four players came to play for eight “Wild Card” seats into the Season  33 Finals plus a chance at the $10,000 prize pool.

No stranger to Monthly’s, Stephen Lofgren from the Charity region took down his first Monthly.

He wins $2500 PLUS a “Wild Card” seat into the Season 33 Finals.

Mr. Lofgren plays between Charity, Southern Mass. and our Online region.

Stephen only eliminated two people on this Final Table (Maria Swift -4th and John Beady – 2nd).

He started the Final Table seventh in chips. He chipped up and up and up just enough to get him heads-up with John Beady who had a three to one advantage against Lofgren. Then over the next 45 minutes, John and Stephen went back and forth with chips. Finally, at the 100,000/200,000 level, Beady went all-in with A♣ K♦ while Stephen had 6♠ 9♠.

The flop went 9♦ A♠ J♣. A little bit for everyone.

The turn was the 6♣ now giving Lofgren two pair. John needed an ace or king to stay alive but on the river was the 6♥ to give Stephen a full house to win the tournament.

In a side note – Nada Smith has now “Double Qualified” for the Season Finals with her eighth place finish.

Below are the results from today’s event.

Players:  174
Name Region
1st* Stephen Lofgren CH $2,500.00
2nd * John Beady SM $1,650.00
3rd * Joe Ouellette SM $1,200.00
4th * Maria Swift CH $800.00
5th * Nick Spencer CH $600.00
6th * Tom Belen RI $500.00
7th * Brian Teehan GL $450.00
8th * Nada Smith CM $400.00
9th Muttaqi Dhulkifl RI $350.00
10th Joseph Sheehan CH $250.00
11th Paul Valastro CM $250.00
12th Nancy St. Laurent RI $250.00
13th Bill Lyons FR $200.00
14th John Grimes NS $200.00
15th Kourtney Sims RI $200.00
16th Wil Porter CH $200.00
* Wild Card seat to Season 33 Finals



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