5:26 pm

Castelli Takes A Small Pot From Slade

Blinds – 20,000/40,000

Players Remaining: 9

Phil Castelli wins a pot off of Slade.

On a flop of 8♥ K♥ 9♥…Slade fires out 40,000. Phil calls

Turn was the 2♦. This time Slade puts in 100,000. Phil calls

The river is the 4♠. Phil checks, Slade senses weakness fires out 200,000. Phil thinks for about two minutes knowing that if he calls, he’ll be on life support in chips.

He makes a call. “Good hand” says Edmonds. Phil shows K♠ 6♥ for top pair. Slade quietly mucks.

2 Comments September 23, 2023

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  • Slade actually bet every street on this hand. 40k flop, 100k turn, 200k river

    • Chris Sevick

      Thank you. Been updated.