11:27 am

Did He….Or Didn’t He….

Blinds – 500/1000

We see Darrius and Yanni involved in a pot.

On a flop of J♣ 6♦ 2♠, Darrius Brown (on the button) bets 7000.

Yanni then raises to 17,000.

Darrius takes three minutes to figure out, “how” “why” “what” could Yanni have to raise?

Darrius folds showing pocket Aces. Yanni gives him a smirk and the fist pump.

Darrius head was so baffled  that you could have put an egg on top and cook it!

So….did he…or didn’t he?

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  • Anonymous

    Who knows??? All we know is Yianni played it well‍♂️