11:34 am

Mullen Knocks Out Two

Eastern Poker Tour – Season 32 $30K Finals – Day 2

Players Registered – N/A

Players Remaining – N/A

We see Arthur Fluette, Stephen Loftgren, Radanes Lopes and Linda Mullen in a four way pot with Arthur and Radenes at risk.

The board ran K♥ Q♠ 7♠ A♥ 10♠. Linda turns over 10♣ J♣ for a straight for the pot and eliminated Arthur and Radanes in the process.

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  • Arthur Fluette

    Not that it matters, and please take no offense as I know you have a lot to keep track of. But I was eliminated with AQ suited, over 78 suited. Flop came Q, 10, 6 giving me top pair with an Ace kicker. I shoved and was called with a flush and straight draw. Turn gave me a set of Q’s and a J on the river filled my opponent’s straight knocking me out & crushing my dreams