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Michael Rushton Wins the Season 32 February $10,000 Monthly Championship

Playing Eastern Poker Tour pub poker for only nine months, Michael Rushton from the Southern Mass region won today’s Monthly Championship.

One hundred seventy-five (175) players came out today to try and earn a “Wild Card” seat into the Season 32 $30K Finals.

Mike was the chip leader leading into the Final Table. Andre Proctor was right behind him in chips 753K to 750K.

First person to be eliminated from the Final Table was former BPO winner John Beady. Then Karin Davis finished in 9th.

Now we have our “Wild Card” seats.

Everyone, except for Beady and Yanni Emmanouilidis, has never been to a Monthly Final. So this was going to be fun to watch.

One by one they exited. Every one of them was happy that they had won a seat into the Finals.

Back to Rushton. Mike played two very big back to back hands that first cripples Andre Proctor’s st.ack and on the very next hand (with the same hand), eliminated Andre. After that, it was smooth sailing for Rushton.

“My goal was the play for the Top 8, then play big or go home” said Rushton.

Mike is very excited to be playing in the Finals since he doesn’t get out much to play cards since he has a newborn daughter to his family. “With the money….it’s going to the wife” said Mike with a smile on his face.

We will see everyone in 3 weeks for the Season 32 Finals. We hope to have a full house every night playing for BPO FULL Packages. Plus there will be a few events on Friday and Saturday that you could still win a “Wild Card” seat if you win.

Players:  175
Name Region
1st* Michael Rushton SMA $2,500.00
2nd * Grady Wojcik RI $1,650.00
3rd * John Sorahgan NS $1,200.00
4th * Joseph Harvey RI $800.00
5th * Yanni Emmanouilidis CH $600.00
6th * Dale Parks SMA $500.00
7th * Andre Proctor RI $450.00
8th * Michael DeJesus NS $400.00
9th Karin Davis FR $350.00
10th John Beady SMA $250.00
11th Player X $250.00
12th Brian “Mai Tai” Gallagher SMA $250.00
13th Linda Mullen SMA $200.00
14th Charles Gudaitis GL $200.00
15th Richard Marchant SMA $200.00
16th Kurt Heitmann RI $200.00
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