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Santa Has Started His Nice (or Naughty) Wild Card List So Far For The Season 32 Finals

The Season 32 Finals are not that far away.

There is still time to earn YOUR seat via the Monthly’s .

Since it is Christmas time, we thought we put the “Nice” (or “Naughty”) list of those who have a ticket into the Finals coming this Spring.

Here is a list of who has made it so far:

Region Notes
Alex Rancourt SM 2nd June
Andrew Camacho SC 1st April
Bethany Parker GL 8th August
Billy Lynn SC 3rd August
Bob Young RI 7th June
Brad Cormier CM 1st May/6th October
Brandin Power GL 2nd September
Brian Gallaher SM 6th September
Brian Rodriguez RI 3rd May
Brian Teahan GL 6th August
Cameron McBean NS 3rd April
Chris Rinn RI 4th July
Daniel Britton SM 3rd September
David Charbonneau RI 6th May/1st October
Dominic Armano GL 5th September
Eddie Holt CH 2nd May
Gualberto Arruda RI 5th May
Jake Dennehy CH 1st September
Jay Cosmo CM 8th October
Jeffery Bowden CH 8th July
Jeffery Parillo CH 3rd July, 7th August
John Moran GL 7th May
John Purdy CM 5th August
Johnny Kelly SM 6th July
Judi Pitasi CM 5th April
Kourtney Sims RI 6th April
Louis Rebello RI 5th July
Mark Brennan GL 4th June
Mark Murphy CH 2nd August
Nancy St. Laurent RI 2nd April. 4th May, 4th Aug.
Nick Sims RI 1st July
Paul Shaw CM 4th September
Reynaldo Mulero GL 3rd June
Rhonda Sasa RI 4th April
Ric Santurri RI 7th July
Richard Rollka GL 1st June
Robert Dimond SC 6th June
Ronnie Smith CM 5th June
Sam Fernandez GL 7th April
Sam Ho CH 1st August
Sarah McCarthy SM 2nd October
Simon Winchell-Manning SM 8th April
Stephen Loftgren WEB 2nd July/3 October
Susan DeAmato CM 8th September/5th October
Thomas Drozewski NS 8th May
Tim Smith RI 4th October
Tom Walsh RI 7th September
Tom Yurkstas CM 7th October
Victor Valadares NS 8th June


Your “Double Stacks” players so far are:

Brad Cormier CM
David Charbonneau RI
Jeffery Parillo CH
Nancy St. Laurent RI
Stephen Loftgren WEB
Susan DeAmato CM
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