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David Charbonneau From Rhode Island Wins The October $10,000 Monthly Championship

David Charbonneau wins the October $10,000 Monthly Championship.

One hundred eighty-seven players came out on this chilly November day to try and take home some money for Christmas.

David late reg’ged about 90 minutes into the event.

“All I could think of is getting back home and putting Xmas decorations”. Well, David had other plans. By one-thirty, he was close to the chip leader and then later eliminatedv Mike Webb that put him on a heater at over 500,000.

David was our chip leader into this Final Table and he knocked out 6 people! Nothing was getting in his way.

When he was heads-up with runner-up Sarah McCarthy, they battled for almost 30 minutes. Going all-in BLIND! Stacks were moving everywhere. David was even down to 400,000 with the blinds up there so all that he could do was go all-in blind. And he caught, and caught, and caught.

This is David’s biggest win AND he gets a double stack for the Season 32 Finals coming this Spring.

On this Final Table, we have 3 more players who are getting a “Double Stack”. Sue DeAmato, David Charbonneau, and Brad Cormier

Kudos to our 2nd place finisher, Sarah McCarthy. She ended up 2nd at the BPO – Friday Night $180 event for $2300 and now $1650 for her efforts.

Folks, please don’t forget that we will be back here NEXT SATURDAY for the November $10,000 Championship

Players: 187
Name Region
1st* David Charbonneau RI $2,500.00
2nd * Sarah McCarthy SM $1,650.00
3rd * Stephen Loftgren WEB $1,200.00
4th * Tim Smith RI $800.00
5th * Susan DeAmato CM $600.00
6th * Brad Cormier CM $500.00
7th * Tom Yurkstas CM $450.00
8th * Jay Cosmo CM $400.00
9th Alan Lopes SM $350.00
10th Jimmy Quinn CH $250.00
11th Maria Johnson GL $250.00
12th Dan Lech NS $250.00
13th Ray Quintin SC $200.00
14th Basil Congro CH $200.00
15th Rick Lacapria CH $200.00
16th Jake Dennehy CH $200.00
 * Wild Card Seat into Season 32 Finals*
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  • Sonya

    Congrats to all of the winners and thanks Chris for your updates, blogs, and pics!