5:21 pm

We Are Now At The Final Table Of The October $10,000 Monthly Championship

With 11.13 left on the clock and the blinds are at 20.000/40.000, we are at the Final Table.

The Top 8 will get a “Wild Card” seat into the Season 32 Finals this Spring.


Final Table Region Chips
Seat 1 Jimmy Quinn CH 111,000
Seat 2 Brad Cormier CMA 776,000
Seat 3 David Charbonneau RI 830,000
Seat 4 Sarah McCarthy SMA 400,000
Seat 5 Jay Cosmo CMA 186,000
Seat 6 Tom Yurkstas CMA 304,000
Seat 7 Stephen Loftgren WEB 756,000
Seat 8 Sue D’Amato CMA 207,000
Seat 9 Tim Smith RI 400,000
Seat 10 Alan Lopes SMA 250,000
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  • David the ghost shopping all

    It wasn’t easy and Sarah was one of the most unpredictable opponents I played in a while she put up a great fight but in the end the Vista goes to the ghost lol see you on the next one AKA Earl