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Richard Rollka Wins the June $10,000 Monthly Championship With Pocket Aces

On what was a very warm day here at the Walpole VFW, 179 players came out to try and win a piece of the $10,000 prizepool.

Richard Rollka, who plays in the Greater Lowell region, won today’s event. He takes home $2500 and a “Wild Card” seat into the Season 32 Finals.

Richard was 6th coming into this Final Table. “My goal was to make the Top 8 and then open up my poker play after that” say Rollka.

“I’m happy with my play today”. Says Rich.

He was pretty much in the driver’s seat when he had the major pot when his Kings knocked out 2 players when the flop came A♦ A♥ A♠.

Rich has no other plans with the money except to play more poker with his new earnings.

This Final Table lasted only an hour and that was because there were some major hands, Our first two players were knocked out in the first two hands. Bob Young, who was the chip leader coming into this tournament, was unlucky three times when he was ahead preflop and the poker gods had other ideas. But no matter what, kudos to Bob because he was down to his last 7,000 in chips when we had 18 players and worked it up to 908,000 coming to the Final Table. Granted most of those chips were compliment of Gloria Lambert who fell to Young twice before the Final Table.

On this Final Table, we had 8 new players making the “Final Table”

We will see everyone back here on August 13th for the July $10,000 Monthly Championship.

Players: 179
Name Region
1st* Richard Rollka GL $2,500.00
2nd * Alex Rancourt SM $1,650.00
3rd * Reynaldo Mulero GL $1,200.00
4th * Mark Brennan GL $800.00
5th * Ronnie Smith CM $600.00
6th * Robert Dimond SC $500.00
7th * Bob Young RI $450.00
8th * Victor Valadares NS $400.00
9th John Gedmin FR $350.00
10th Gloria Lambert RI $250.00
11th Jeff Totheonia SC $250.00
12th Holly Horrigan CH $250.00
13th Sue Mercier GL $200.00
14th David Charbonneau RI $200.00
15th Rick Lacapria CH $200.00
16th Herb Maggio NS $200.00
 * Wild Card Seat into Season 32 Finals*
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