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Meet Kevin Su

While I was parking this morning, I met up with a new player to the Eastern Poker Tour family.

Meet Kevin Su. Kevin started playing poker with EPT (North Shore) just a few short months ago.

Kevin had a few personal misfortunes within the past year (losing his brother) and was looking for an outlet. His neighbor who is a member of the Sons of Italy mentioned to Kevin that perhaps he should play poker for a new adventure.

He started playing in April, and just got his first win just last week!

“Once I started playing, I started to study the game and watch videos and TV shows to enhance my game”.

Kevin made is first Monthly last month and played today and is already qualified for next month.

Welcome to the Eastern Poker Tour family Mr. Su!



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  • Thank you so much for the write up Chris…It’s good to be in the EPT Fam!!!