2:57 pm

Drozewski Bursts the Bubble

Blinds 20,000/40,000/40,000 BB Ante

Thomas Drozewski

Thomas Drozewski moved all in from late position for about 175,000. The player in the hijack put her last 152,000 in the pot and the rest of the table quickly folded.

Thomas Drozewski: A♦K♠
Opponent: J♦J♥

“Please don’t let me bust out on the bubble” Drozewski said as he stood up. The dealer fanned the A♠7♥7♦ flop and there was an ace in the window for Drozewski.

The turn 5♦ and river 3♦ were no help to the player and Drozewski scored the knockout.

The final 16 players are now all in the money and guaranteed a minimum of $200 for their efforts.

Thomas Drozewski- 425,000

1st $2,500.00
2nd $1,650.00
3rd $1,200.00
4th $800.00
5th $600.00
6th $500.00
7th $450.00
8th $400.00
9th $350.00
10th $250.00
11th $250.00
12th $250.00
13th $200.00
14th $200.00
15th $200.00
16th $200.00
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