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Kourtney Sims – 2nd Place ($25,385)

Blinds – 400,000/800,000/800,000

Kourtney Sims came up short to win the BPO National Championship.

She played great throughout the entire tournament but ran up against a buzzsaw named Tommy Nfecy from the Sunshine Poker League.

At one time on this Final Table, Kourtney had the chip lead and that was because she had taken a huge pot from Tommy a few levels ago.

On the final hand of the evening, Kourtney held 9♦ 10♦ and Tommy had K♠ Q♠.

The flop was 2♠ 10♠ 5♠ to give Tommy a flush but Kourtney had a few outs. The turn was the A♠ to solidify the pot and the win to Tommy.

For Kourtney, this was her biggest cash to date winning $25,385 today.

Here are the Final results for ONLY Eastern Poker Tour players:

2nd Kourtney Sims RI $25,385
3rd Johnny Kelly SMA 16,615
17th Richard Stepanian RI $2,045
23rd Nick Sims RI $1,445
32nd Sonia DaSilva RI $1,085
38th Jeffery Bowden CH $935
39th Andrea Willbur NS $935
48th Chuck McCaughey RI $800
50th Ronnie Smith CM $800
59th Brian Lundy NS $680
60th Pat Aguiar WEB $680
61st Steve Morey RI $680

Eastern Poker Tour players won a total of $52,085 in the BPO.

This total does not reflect those who “cashed” but did not advance into Day 2.

That total was $57,335.

In other events here at the Golden Nugget, the Eastern Poker Tour players took home $18,757 with still a few more events left.

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