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Our Final Table Is Set For The Bar Poker Open!

Blinds – 100,000/200,000/200,000

We have reached the Final Table of the 2022 Bar Poker Open with two members of the Eastern Poker Tour.

Johnny Kelly 3,835,000
Kourtney Sims 3,025,000

Johnny is 3rd in chips while Kourtney is 5th in chips.

When we started the day, we had 13 players, one by one they were outdrawn.

Here is a list of who cashed today:

17th Richard Stepanian RI $2,045
23rd Nick Sims RI $1,445
32nd Sonia DaSilva RI $1,085
38th Jeffery Bowden CH $935
39th Andrea Willbur NS $935
48th Chuck McCaughey RI $800
50th Ronnie Smith CM $800
59th Brian Lundy NS $680
60th Pat Aguiar WEB $680
61st Steve Morey GL $680

When we start play on Thursday, Cards are in the air at 2pm (5pm est).

Please go to either one of the following social media outlets to watch this table:

Facebook – Bar Poker Open

Facebook – Eastern Poker Tour

You Tube – Bar Poker Open

Twitch – Bar Poker Open

All action online will be on a 30 minute delay.

This concludes today’s action. Thank you and join Evan online tomorrow!

3 Comments June 15, 2022

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  • Erin

    Go Kourtney!

  • Lauren Johnson

    Come on Kourtney!!! Get it girl!!!
    Burrillville RI ❤️ Lauren and Tim

    • Lauren Johnson

      Great Job Kourtney!!!