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Robert Miller Wins Event #1 And A $50,000 Finals Seat!

Robert Miller, from the North Shore region, wins Event #1 and a seat into the $50,000 Finals for Monday via a 4-way chop.

Play was tight all round during this Final Table. No one wanted to give up chips knowing that a seat into the Finals was at hand.

As it was getting late (or early in the am), Robert, Priscilla, Sheri and Jess agreed to chop.

Special congrats goes to Jess Guess (4th) who would have been unable to play in the Finals because his wife is having their first child later today (Saturday).


Players: 123
Prize pool: $17,400
Name Region
1st * Robert Miller NS $2,760.00
2nd Priscilla Aramal CH $2,760.00
3rd Sheri Reinstra CH $2,760.00
4th Jess Guess CH $2,760.00
5th Sumanth Reddy CH $1,180.00
6th Jordan Fishman CH $1,000.00
7th Brandon Holt CH $820.00
8th Rick Lacapria CH $700.00
9th Tim Smith RI $560.00
10th Charlie Drum CH $400.00
11th Rob Sullivan GL $400.00
12th Aaron Young RI $400.00
13th Rob Stiegman SM $300.00
14th Tony Silva SM $300.00
15th William Brissenden NS $300.00
 * Seat into Season 31 Finals
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  • Congrats to all of the players who cashed in Event #1