1:35 pm

Nikki Theroux Survives With Aces!

Blinds – 3000/6000

On the last hand of the level, Nikki was under the gun and shoves for her last 25K. She gets 3 callers, one of which was shorter than her.

Nikki has A♦ A♠

Kurt Heitman has A♣ Q♠

Rich Maloney has K♣ J♥

KeriĀ  has Whalen had Q♣ 9♣

A nine hits the flop which made things interesting if a queen comes. A 10 hits the turn which now had the players figuring out what he/she needs to win. An eight falls on the river to give Nikki the “Main Pot” and knocks out one player.

Will she make it to the Final Table?

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