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Linda Rodrigues Wins Her Second Eastern Poker Tour Monthly!

On what was a beautiful day outside, 178 players came to the Walpole VFW to play for a share not only the $10,000 prize pool but also for a seat in the Season 31 $50,000 Finals.

Linda Rodrigues, from the Southern Mass. region, played her heart out and won the Season 31 September $10,000 Monthly Championship earning herself $2500 AND a seat into the Season 31 $50,000 Finals.

Linda is no stranger to winning the Monthly tournament. She won this same event almost 2 years to the day

Coming to this Final Table, she was 3rd in chips. “My goal was to make it to the Top 8 then “play poker” said Linda. When she got heads-up with Jim Petrillo (CM), the hand that made her night was when she went all-in with jacks and got quickly called by Jim’s pocket 10’s. The jacks held up and Jim was down to 3 big blinds. On the very last hand of the night Jim moved with Nine/Ten off suit and Linda quickly calls with what else…pocket ACES!

Below are the results from today’s tournament.

Players: 178

1st * Linda Rodrigues SM $2,500.00
2nd * Jim Petrillo CM $1,650.00
3rd * Thomas Walsh RI $1,200.00
4th * William “Milkshake” Acerra CH $800.00
5th * Keith Bettencourt NS $600.00
6th * Thomas Drozewski NS $500.00
7th * Richard Orszulak GL $450.00
8th * Mark Parshley SM $400.00
9th Frank Herzog CM $350.00
10th Mike Sullivan RI $250.00
11th Robert Copp GL $250.00
12th John Woodsmall FR $250.00
13th Jorge Baptista SC $200.00
14th Simon Szeto SM $200.00
15th Justin Colon RI $200.00
16th Jennifer Baigorria NS $200.00


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