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Season 31 Is Here With Our First $10,000 Monthly Championship

As the NFL starts its 2021 – 2022 season this weekend, so does the Eastern Poker Tour with their Season 31 Monthly Championships!

Today marks the first Season 31 $10,000 Monthly Championship at the VFW in Walpole, Mass.

The final sixteen players today will win a minimum of $200, while the final eight will also be awarded “Wild Card” seats into $50,000 Season 31 Finals coming in April 2022.

All players will start with 20,000 in chips with 5K more if a player has “Double qualified”. If a player has multiple wins, an extra 2K for each win (up to 5 additional wins) for an extra total of 10,000.

Don’t forget that we will have the 4pm $150 and the 7pm $60 NL events as well.

Please bookmark this page for updates and photos throughout the day (and night). Photos will also be posted on the Eastern Poker Tour Facebook page so please feel free to share photos with your friends and family.

Here is a payout structure for today’s Monthly Championship:

1st $2,500.00
2nd $1,650.00
3rd $1,200.00
4th $800.00
5th $600.00
6th $500.00
7th $450.00
8th $400.00
9th $350.00
10th $250.00
11th $250.00
12th $250.00
13th $200.00
14th $200.00
15th $200.00
16th $200.00


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