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The Last Season 30 Monthly Is Finally Here – The $10,000 COVID Championship

Today will mark the end of the Eastern Poker Tour Season 30.

This event, named “The COVID Championship” is the last event that players have to earn a seat into the Season 30 Finals coming April 2022.

Players today earned their seat by either winning a Bar/Charity event (prior to the 2020 COVID shutdown and AFTER July 5th, 2021) or by winning the special “EPT online event” that happened every Thursday on the Bar Poker Open website. Players also earned a seat if they had enough points to qualify in their region.

No special changes or rules to this event.

Top 16 earn a minimum of $200 while the top 8 get a “Wild-Card” seat into the Season 30 Finals.

1st $2,500.00
2nd $1,650.00
3rd $1,200.00
4th $800.00
5th $600.00
6th $500.00
7th $450.00
8th $400.00
9th $350.00
10th $250.00
11th $250.00
12th $250.00
13th $200.00
14th $200.00
15th $200.00
16th $200.00

Bookmark this website and check back throughout the day for photos, reports from the felt and chip counts.

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