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Nancy St. Laurent – Winner of the Season 30 February (2020) $10,000 Monthly Championship

Nancy St. Laurent from Swansea, Mass. battled against 130 other players playing for a piece of the $10,000 prize pool and won taking home $2500. She also locks up a seat in the Season 30 Finals coming in April 2022.

St. Laurent plays in the RI region and loves playing in all the RI venues.

Coming into this Final Table, Nancy was 4th in chips. “I went with my feelings when I had the better hand”, says St. Laurent. She went on by saying that every time was up against Earl (Bower) she said that “I had to go with my gut. He’s a good player.”

She also said that she “wasn’t scared playing this table”.

Nancy is no stranger to winning Monthly’s. The September (2017) Monthly was the first Monthly she won.

When asked what is she going to do with the money, she quickly said, “I’m paying bills. I just bought a house so this will help”.

The second place finisher Zach Curro was so happy that she won, he went over to give her a hug. “If I was going to lose, I wanted to lose to Nancy, she’s a good player”. says Curro.

Here is a photo of the last hand:

Here are the results from today’s event:

Players: 131

1st Nancy St. Laurent  RI $2,500.00
2nd Zach Curro CM $1,650.00
3rd Earl Bower FR $1,200.00
4th Tim Leonard RI $800.00
5th Billy Burwick FR $600.00
6th John Worcester CM $500.00
7th Sonya Harrison SM $450.00
8th Rob Stiegman CM $400.00
9th Paul Shibles GL $350.00
10th Stephen Affonce SC $250.00
11th Will Unruh NS $250.00
12th William Brissenden NS $250.00
13th Anthony Smith GL $200.00
14th Sonia DaSilva RI $200.00
15th John Beady SM $200.00
16th Francesco Therisod SM $200.00



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