2:28 pm

Thirty Players Remain

Blinds – 8000/16000 Players Registered: 161 Players Remaining: 30 We need half of the remaining field to be eliminated before we can get in the money. There are several people who have won this before who are still in: Charlene Cruz Linda Rodigues Ronnie Smith Richard Maloney Bill “Milkshake” Acerra  

2:15 pm

Ronnie Smith Making A Stand

Blinds – 6000/12000 Players Registered: 161 Players Remaining: 38 Eastern Poker Tour’s winningest player Ronnie Smith is trying to make it to the Top 16 today. Ronnie had emergency surgery ten days ago and he is back on felt showing that nothing can slow him down. Ronnie late registered today and have roughly 140,000 in […]