2:42 pm

Semedo Knocks Out Two

Blinds – 5000/10,000 Players Registered: 174 Players Remaining: 32 The button moves all-in for 6500, Linda Rodrigues (small blind) raises to 32,000 (all-in) and David Semedo (big blind) calls the 32,000 Button: Ace/Seven off suit Linda: Ace/King off suit David: Jack/eight off suit A seven hits the flop giving the button a pair. However an […]

3:54 pm

Now In The Money

Blinds – 10,000/20,000 Players Remaining: 16 Bob Beland ended up in 18th and we have an unknown player who ended up in 17th at the same time so we are now at the Top 16. Everyone here on out will earn at least $200