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Ronnie Smith Wins The Eastern Poker Tour’s Season 30 – September $10,000 Monthly Championship

Today here at the Walpole VFW where the weather raw and wet, 172 players came to play for their shot of the $10,000 prize pool.

A lot of “ooh’s and ahh’s” all day from hands that won.

The Eastern Poker Tour’s all-time wins leader, Ronnie Smith battled and won in a “Classic” and I do mean “Classic” heads-up battle with seasoned tournament grinder Cindy Pacheco. It was like watching Rocky IV back and forth in the ring.

This is win number 156! He’s been playing with the Eastern Poker Tour since 2008.

Heading into this Final Table, Ronnie was tied for 2nd in chips and needed to be patient. “With the chip leader to my right, I had to make sure not to get involved whenever he was in a pot.” says Smith. When asked about the key hand he had talked about a hand just before the tournament was over where Cindy had made a large bet of 250,000 and Ronnie thought she was bluffing so he moved all-in and forced her to muck.

This is Ronnie’s 3rd Monthly Final Table in Season 30, which means that he already has a double stack for the Day 2 action of the Season 30 $30,000 Televised Finals coming in the Spring of 2020.

Side note from the Final Table – We welcomed three new players who never made it to a Monthly Final (Sonia DaSilvia (8th),  Tony Consiglio, and (5th) and David Kane (4th)).

Glenn, Gretel, Craig and the rest of the Eastern Poker Tour tournament staff would like to thank everyone for coming out today and playing!

Our next Monthly will be November 9th, right back here at the Walpole VFW.


1st Ronnie Smith $2,500.00
2nd Cindy Pacheco $1,650.00
3rd Mike Rahill $1,200.00
4th David Kane $800.00
5th Tony Consiglio $600.00
6th Christopher Piaseczney $500.00
7th Mark Sullivan $450.00
8th Sonia DaSilva $400.00
9th Randy Berryman $350.00
10th Jesse Guimont $250.00
11th John Garofalo $250.00
12th Bob Young $250.00
13th Brian Jacques $200.00
14th Nicole Cardoso $200.00
15th David Brenner $200.00
16th Nancy St. Laurent $200.00
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