6:04 pm

Cashers in August 2017 POM

8th Mike Reilly $400.00 9th Antonio Neves $350.00 10th Scott Thompson $250.00 11th Jason Kuperschmid $250.00 12th Rick LaCapria $250.00 13th Nick Sims $200.00 14th Jim Peterson $200.00 15th Charles Gudaitis $200.00 16th Thomas Walsh $200.00 If you haven’t seen, we are trying “Facebook Live” from time to time so everyone can watch. Please share […]

4:48 pm

Down to Two Tables

Level 14 (6000/12000) Players Remaining: 20 Shortly, we will be going hand for hand and the two biggest stack left are on the same table and believe it or not, pretty much at the same amount. Maria Johnson and Brad Cormier have approx. 300,000 in the chips and are looking to hang on (or add) […]