7:39 pm

Six Women are Still In…..

Level 17 15000/30000/4000 Players Remaining: 26 While we are waiting for 10 more people to be eliminated, we noticed that 6 women are still in and 5 of them are on the same table. Cassie Hartnett, Judy Pitasi, Shelia Raine, Susan DeAmato, Kayla Coutu are one table while Nancy St. Larent is alone. No woman […]

6:29 pm

That Quickly Down to 40

Day 1B Level 15 8000/16000/2000 Players Remaining: 40 Just like that, in a matter of 3 hands we lost 8 players. We are now to 40 players with the short stacks now starting to use the 9 “one times”. Fleazer is still in the lead with about 450,000 and everyone else is close (or somewhat).

4:09 pm

“Girls Rule” On Table 4

Day 1B Players Remaining: 94 Level 11 3000/6000/500 During the duration of a tournament, tables break. We noticed that on Table 4 we have not 1 but 5 women trying to stack chips from the guys. Kayla Coutu (RI) in Seat 1 has 65,000 Karina Angelopolus in Seat 3 has 15,000 Catherine Connaughton in Seat […]