9:09 pm

Here is Your Top 16 From Day 1A of the Eastern Poker Tour 36K Championship Season 27

After almost 11 1/2 hours we have reached the top 16. Most of the players are returning tomorrow for a chance to double their stack to 200,000 on Monday. We thank you for watching the updates all day and the photos on Facebook. Please tune in tomorrow starting at 10am. Rich Rizza 1,675,000 Armand Lavalle […]

5:11 pm

Gary Carter now over 500,000 After Spiking a Diamond on the River

Level 13 5000/10000/1000 Players Remaining: 48 Lowell EPT player Gary Carter takes a lot of chips away from Roger Lima. Hearing about it from another player at the table, Gary raises pre-flop and Lima calls. A six-high flop with 2 diamonds. Carter goes all-in and Lima calls. Carter shows pocket Aces while Lima shows pocket […]

4:42 pm

Six Tables Left

Level 12 4000/8000/1000y Players Remaining: 60 The price of poker has done up. A lot of people have less than 15 Big Blinds left and they are waiting for that one hand that can double them up and put them right back in the thick of things.