7:34 pm

Jen Norvilus Now Has 1 Million After Knocking Out 2 on the River

Level 16 10000/20000/3000 Players Remaining – 27 Average Chip Stack – 343,000 Catching the action after a 3-way (2 were all-in) board, Jen rivers a better full house knocking out John Varela and Youngbok Hwang. Jen showed J♠ 8♥ for 6’s full of 8’s (on the river) Yongbok showed Q♥ J♥ for a busted flush […]

5:33 pm

Dinner Time

Players are now on 45 minute dinner break. Here are a few notable chip counts: Andy Giatas 640k Radanes Lopez 580k Robert Miller 475k Debbie Carafa 440k John Varela 410k