9:57 pm

The Final 16 are in…

We are done for the evening. Below is the list of players who made it through to tomorrow. Congrats goes out to Christopher Evangelous who will start with a starting stack of 200,000. Cards will be in the air at 12pm. We will broadcast with a 30 minute delay on Twitch and on YouTube. All […]

8:29 pm

Christopher Evangelous and Doug Morris are Still Alive…Looking to Make a Double Stack

Day 1B Level 17 – 15000/30000/4000 Players Remaining – 28 Average Chip Stack – 313,000 Getting 200k in chips to start a tournament is a huge advantage when everyone else is starting with 100k. We have two players still alive who are looking to join Fleazer Doza in getting there. Doug Morris (LWLL) and Chrs […]

7:42 pm

Three Tables are Left….

Day 1B Level 17 – 15000/30000/4000 Players Remaining – 30 Average Chip Stack – 292,000 Now is the time where play will probably slow down. The top 16 players will advance to tomorrow’s 36K Finals and no one wants to be left out. With the blinds and ante creeping up, the small stacks will probably […]