1:49 pm

Bethany Survives!

Blinds – 2000/4000 Players Registered: 153 Players Remaining: 52 Down to her last 10,000 in chips moves all-in and Chun DeStramp calls. Bethany – 9♥ 9♦ Chun – 8♥ 8♦ No eight saves Chun as four running diamonds fall on the board to give Bethany a flush with a nine vs Chun’s flush with an […]


1:04 pm

Sims Knocks Out Two

Blinds – 1500/3000 Players Registered: 153 Players Remaining: 70 Kourtney Sims lives to see another hand with alot more chips than what she had. The player to her left went all-in for less, while the button went all-in for just a bit more. When it got back to Sims, she moved all-in for 34,500 to […]


12:13 pm

Holt Eliminated By May

Blinds – 800/1600 Players Registered: 153 Ok….so it’s 153. Eddie Holt raises to 5700 in middle position, Brendan May (button) and Linda Rodrigues both call the raise. The flop is 4♠ 9♦ 2♣. Linda is first to act, she checks, Eddie goes all-in for another 17,000. Brendan calls while Linda folds. Eddie – A♥ A♠ […]