12:27 pm

Ronnie Taking Command

Blinds – 1000/2000 Players Registered: 153 Players Remaining: 90 A player who was under the gun moved all-in for 12,000. John Beady then re-raised to 30,000. Ronnie Smith then moved all-in to put Beady at risk. After a long thought, Beady folded. Ronnie shows pocket Queens while the other player showed 2♣ 2♠. No two […]

12:09 pm

Beady Starting Strong

Blinds – 800/1600 Players Registered: 153 Players Remaining: 90 Runner up from the Season 33 Finals John Beady is looking to already lock up a “Wild Card” for next year. Currently Beady has 85,000 and is looking to make the Top 8 from today’s event. Best of luck sir!  

11:42 am

“Yes I Do”

Blinds – 500/1000 Players Registered: 150+ Setting traps is part of poker. Lenora Herbet set one up so well that it sent a player home. The flop went A♦ A♥ A♠. How do YOU play it? Well, she checked since she was first to act. The other player checked. The turn and river were both […]

11:06 am

And….Another One…

Blinds – 300/600 Players Registered: 140+ I’m telling you….the winner of the tournament will win by rivering a flush! Paul Girioux and Charles Gudaitis  got involved in a hand. Paul had J♦ 8♦ while Charles had J♥ Q♠. The flop went 10♣ K♥ A♦. The 10♦ came on the turn…Charles checked, Paul bet 3600. Charles […]