2:38 pm

Beland Wins With Tens

Blinds – 400/800 Bob Beland, Jr, in the big blinds acts on his option to raise to 3800. Two players call behind him. Board ran out Q♦ J♠ 2♥ 7♥ 2♠ Beland was scared to fire out a continuation bet as he holds pocket tens and takes the pot. He is now at 25,000.

2:24 pm

Kyle Peyton Gets Outkicked

Blinds – 300/600 Kyle in the small blind calls 600 to make a heads up battle with Samantha Rosenburg (No Limit Poker). Flop is A♣ 2♣ 3♦. Both check. Turn is the 9♥….both check. River is the Q♠. Both check. Rosenberg shows Nine/Seven while Kyle shows Nine/Four and loses a small pot. Peyton is down […]