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Marisol Marzette Wins the Eastern Poker Tour July $10,000 Monthly Championship

On what was an cool Summer day, the Eastern Poker Tour conducted their July $10,000 Monthly Championship at the Norwood Elks. Today’s event could have been held outside and no one would have minded that.

184 players came out and wanted to take home a piece of the $10,000 prize pool.

Marisol Marzette, from Providence, RI, after a 3 year hiatus from playing, starting playing again in 2019.  She won her seat today by winning at Bo’s Billards in July and came down and won taking home the $2500 first place money! Marzette was 3rd in chips coming into this Final Table and had one goal. “Play Smart” she said.

When word got around on Facebook that she had made the Final Table, messages of support came pouring in wishing her luck!

On the next to last hand of the tournament when the blinds were at 60000/120000, Jack M. was so crippled after losing a big pot to Marisol and only leaving him with 4 10k chips

This was career win #6 in the books for her. She already has a win in August and hopes to return back in September for a chance for a “Double Stack” for the Season 30 Finals coming up in the Spring of 2020.

When asked what will she do with the cash, she proudly said “shoes and a pocketbook”!


Side Notes —

Between Marisol and Jack M (2nd place finisher) they both knocked out the ENTIRE TABLE. Marisol had 3 and Jack had 6!

We also had 5 newcomers to the Monthly Final Table


Glenn, Gretel, Craig and the rest of the Eastern Poker Tour tournament staff would like to thank everyone for coming out today and if you have qualified for the August $10,000 Monthly, it will be held on September 14th at the VFW in Walpole!

Players: 184

1st * Marisol Marzette $2,500.00
2nd * Jack M. $1,650.00
3rd * David Coyle $1,200.00
4th * John Kelly $800.00
5th * Radanes Lopez $600.00
6th * Jim Gardner $500.00
7th * Jesse Guimont $450.00
8th * Larry Goldberg $400.00
9th Neal Raymond $350.00
10th David Shankman $250.00
11th Cameron McBean $250.00
12th Les Mildenberg $250.00
13th Francesco Theirsod $200.00
14th Rob Brown $200.00
15th Judy Pitasi $200.00
16th Nada Smith $200.00

* Earned seat in Season 30 Finals

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