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Framingham Region Player Tony Cooper Takes Down The Eastern Poker Tour $10,000 Monthly Championship

Today, the Eastern Poker Tour conducted their $10,000 Monthly Championship for May. A total of 195 came out on what was a beautiful summer day. The action on the tables was just as hot and Tony Cooper, a Framingham regional player won and took home $2500!

Tony is also coming off a very impressive 20th Place finish ($1945) in the National Bar Poker Open that was held 2 weeks ago in Las Vegas

He had a game plan at first, to play tight and pick his spots carefully. “I was down to 3k early in the tournament, meaning the first 2 hours of play”.

When he came to the Final Table, was 3rd in chips and it was tough for him to just give it away. When asked what was the turning point of the Final Table, he talked about the hand with Brandy Cooper. “I had Ace/King and she (Brandy) had Ace/Queen for what was a massive pot at the time.”

Cooper wasn’t worried about Magliocco to his left. “I just wanted to stay away from pots that he was in”.

It only took 4 quick hands heads-up between Cooper and Billy “Milkshake” Acerra when the blinds were at 50,000/100,000 when Tony turned 2 pair to Milkshakes pair of Queens .

Tony plays 3 times a week and loves playing at the China Buffet. This was win number 15 for Mr. Cooper!

Side Notes from the Final Table:

Four (4) players from this Final Table had NEVER made it this far in a Monthly.

Don Dimeo now joins his girlfriend Leah Medeirios in the Season 30 Finals.


Glenn, Gretel, Craig and the rest of the Eastern Poker Tour tournament staff would like to thank everyone for coming out today.

Just a reminder that the next 2 Monthly’s will be held at the Norwood Elks!


Players: 195

1st Tony Cooper $2,500.00
2nd Bill “Milkshake” Acerra $1,650.00
3rd Dan Magliocco $1,200.00
4th Don Dimeo $800.00
5th Sue Stone $600.00
6th Ronnie Smith $500.00
7th John Germano $450.00
8th Guiseppe Dimeo $400.00
9th Brandy Cooper $350.00
10th David Starr $250.00
11th Brad Cormier $250.00
12th Britta Harrold $250.00
13th Karin Davis $200.00
14th Tim Sniffin $200.00
15th Steve Cummings $200.00
16th David Burke $200.00
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  • Geoffrey Harm

    “Cooper wasn’t worried about Magliocco to his left. ‘I just wanted to stay away from pots that he was in’.”

    So he *was* worried about him.