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Linda Rodrigues Wins the Eastern Poker Tour October $10,000 Monthly Championship

On what started as a wet, dreary day here in Norwood, MA., the sun came out and shined on Linda Rodrigues.

Today the Eastern Poker Tour conducted their seventh month of Season 29 with 186 players playing for their piece of the $10,000 prizepool.

Starting this Final Table, Linda started in 5th with chips. Boy did she mix her game well. During the interview Linda had one goal. “The goal was to get to 8th so I can have a double stack”.  She says that she folded pocket queens AND Ace/King a few times since they were not at 8th place. “And if I had played them, I would have lost” says Rodrigues.

The monster hand of the night and for those who saw this will concur that this hand was the turning point for Linda.

Sitting in the small blind when the blinds were 40,000/80,000, Linda moved all-in thus putting “chip leader at the time” Tony Cooper to think. He thought for almost 3 minutes “Man, I can’t lay this down” Copper says as he struggles on what to do. He makes the call.

Linda – 4♥ 5♣

Tony – A♠ Q♣

The flop comes J♣ 4♠ A♦ (Co0per with pair of Aces)

Turn – 6♠ (no help to anyone)

River – 5♠ (Linda wins pot with 2 pair)

After that Linda was on cruise control until she was Heads-Up with Paul Giroux. On the final hand of the evening when the blinds were 80,000/160,000, again Linda put her game in reverse and went all in with 3♣ 4♣ versus Paul’s Q♦ 7♥.

Flop – 7♠ 3♦ 3♠

Turn – 10♥

River – 4♥


to give Linda her 1st Monthly Championship of the Season and now a “Double Stack” for the Season Finals coming in the Spring.

Congrats Linda!


1st Linda Rodrigues $2,500.00
2nd Paul Giroux $1,650.00
3rd Luis Tejada $1,200.00
4th Tony Cooper $800.00
5th Cory Brailsford $600.00
6th George Desautell $500.00
7th Jeff Wozniack $450.00
8th Dan Magliocco $400.00
9th Jared Keene $350.00
10th Gary Lifton $250.00
11th Miguel Pachebot $250.00
12th Tom Amato $250.00
13th Aaron Arzu $200.00
14th Honey Savage $200.00
15th Jorge Baptista $200.00
16th James Powers $200.00
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