3:36 pm

“Yahtzee”! Rahill Eliminates One With a Queen

Level 11 – 3000/6000/500

Players Registered: 277

Players Remaining: 74

All we heard in the tournament area was “Yahtzee” by Michael Rahill (RI). While the blinds were at 3000/6000/500, Michael was in the small blind with Q♣ Q♠. A player in middle position went all-in preflop with J♥ J♦ while Joe Nolin (CHA) went over the top when he picked up A♠ A♥. Rahill called Nolin’s all-in.

Board read 7♦ 2♠ 3♣ 5♠ and then the Q♦ falls on the river to knock out one and severely hurt Nolin’s chip count.


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