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Jordan Fishman Has a Rainbow of Chips….oh and He is the Chip Leader

Level 8: 1000/2000/300

Players Registered: 277

Players Remaining: 130


The last time we saw Jordan was about 30 minutes ago with roughly 200,000 in chips. Well, he has nearly doubled that amount in a short time frame. He knocked out 3 people during those 30 minutes.

One hand that he told me about was one with 5♥ 9♥. Fishman was in the BB in a 4-way pot. Flop was 8x 8♥ 2♥. Jordan checked to Player A who led out and Fishman calls. Turn is a J♥ giving Fishman a flush. Not knowing how strong he was, Fishman checked and Player A moved all-in. Jordan made the call. Player A had the A♥ for a POSSIBLE flush draw and no heart came on the river knocking out Player A.

Jordan has already qualified for a seat into Sunday’s 30K Finals and is looking to add to his 100,000 chip stack.


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