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Patrick Banyaniye is the Eastern Poker Tour’s October $10,000 Monthly Champion

After almost a 12 hour battle, Patrick Banyaniye has won this month’s Monthly Championship at the VFW at Walpole, Mass.

The day started with 210 players. By the time the dust settled, Patrick found himself 6th in chips coming to the Final Table. He knocked out 5 players on this final table.

Patrick’s big hand of the table was when he eliminated two players in one hand. Dave Starr started the action “Under the Gun” with 6♥ 6♦. In middle position, Banyaniye moves all-in with A♠ A♥, when the action returned to Jeff DeSousa in the Small Blind, he went all-in and had 7♥ 7♠. No six or seven appeared on the board to help Starr or DeSousa. After that hand, it was Banyaniye who was in control of the table



This 34 year old from Providence, RI. plays 2-3 times a week.

Patrick qualified for the tournament via being in the top percentage in the Rhode Island region.

Even though this is his first Monthly win, he has won 21 other times.

“I plan on putting this money in the bank” says Banyaniye after being asked if he has any plans with the $2500.

Alex Roukas (Left, 2nd place), Patrick Banyanyie (Winner, Center), Joe Colton (3rd Place)

Alex Roukas (Left, 2nd place), Patrick Banyanyie (Winner, Center), Joe Colton (3rd Place)

Here are the complete results:

Players Registered: 210

1st Patrick Banyaniye $2,500.00
2nd Alex Roukas $1,650.00
3rd Joseph Colton $1,200.00
4th Sandy Corta $800.00
5th John Germano $600.00
6th Jeff DeSousa $500.00
7th David Starr $450.00
8th Bob Blasi $400.00
9th Dawn Cicchetti $350.00
10th Mark Smith $250.00
11th Charles Holmes $250.00
12th Perry Granatiero $250.00
13th Frank Napomoceno $200.00
14th Bernie DiBuduo $200.00
15th Linda Rodrigues $200.00
16th Ron Greenhalgh $200.00


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