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Jeff Alvord Wins the August 2017 POM Tournament

The Eastern Poker Tour (EPT) crowned a new winner. His name is Jeff Alvord. Residing in Waltham, Mass., this 40 year old has only been playing EPT events for just over a year. He represents the FRAMINGHAM Region.

Having won twice in the month of August is how Alvord earned his entry into today’s event. He loves playing here at the Natick Elks, where he plays 3-4 days a week.

Starting the Final Table, Alvord was 3rd in chips and never gave up his stack at any one point.

He knocked out 4 players on this Final Table including 2 on one hand! His AxKx got lucky on the river when Chris Nichol’s (4th) Ax Qx hit a Queen on the flop but a King spiked the river knocking out Nichol and Carole Barrett (5th). After that hand, he could do no wrong.

Also, on a unrelated note, we have our 1st Double Stack Qualifier for Season 28. 8th place finisher Mike Reilly qualified back in May and now will have a double stack come April.

This will conclude our coverage of the EPT August Player of the Month. Our blogger, Christopher Sevick, will not be here to cover the September POM but will return in November for the October POM.

Players Registered: 196

* 1st Jeff Alvord $2,500.00
* 2nd Brad Cormier $1,650.00
* 3rd Maria Johnson $1,200.00
* 4th Chris Nichol $800.00
* 5th Carole Barrett $600.00
* 6th Francseco Therisod $500.00
* 7th Jay Lum $450.00
* 8th Mike Reilly $400.00
9th Antonio Neves $350.00
10th Scott Thompson $250.00
11th Jason Kuperschmid $250.00
12th Rick LaCapria $250.00
13th Nick Sims $200.00
14th Jim Peterson $200.00
15th Charles Gudaitis $200.00
16th Thomas Walsh $200.00


  • – Earned an entry to Season 28 Finals (Spring 2018)



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