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EPT Players Take Home More Than $34,000 in “OPEN” Tournament Winnings

In one last post before we say good-bye from Foxwoods, several Eastern Poker Tour (EPT) players cashed in “OPEN” tournaments during the EPT’s  four-day tournament weekend. $34,800 in total was won.

EPT Players dominated in one tournament. The Sunday 8:30pm $100 Bounty paid out 7 places. Six of those were EPT players!

Three nightly “Bounty” tournaments were won by EPT players. Deb Carafa (SMA) won Friday night, Jeff Wozniak (CMA) won Saturday night and Maria Johnson (N. Shore) on Sunday.

Below is the list of EPT players who cashed in “OPEN” tournaments:

Friday Nov. 4th
$160 NL 2nd Donald Thompson CHA $4,449.00
5th Daniel Silva R.I. $1,409.00
7th Robert Negrotti II $924.00
9th William Merlino CHA $598.00
17th James Poirier Jr. Gr. Lowell $352.00
$100 Bounty 1st Deb Carafa SMA $1,448.00
2nd Angel Pantoja S, Coast $976.00
5th Hugh Merlino CHA $361.00
7th Bret Graham R.I. $238.00
9th Scott Wolf R.I. $155.00
10th Paul Connaughton CHA $129.00
11th Kyle Vredenburg R.I. $129.00
Saturday Nov, 5th
$60 NL 5th Marie Mee Gr. Lowell $245.00
7th Kaul Igwe-Kalu N. Shore $163.00
$100 Bounty 1st Jeffrey Wozinak CMA $1,317.00
3rd Nada Smith CHA $696.00
4th Shaun Tibbo N. Shore $522.00
7th Craig Bradford CHA $258.00
11th James Barry Gr. Lowell $140.00
$300 NL 7th Victor Garfalo N. Shore $1,905.00
14th Stephen Dugas CHA $761.00
18th Sean Dacci SMA $714.00
Sunday Nov. 6th
$100 Bounty 1st Maria Johnson N. Shore $718.00
3rd Christopher Evangelous Fram $369.00
4th John Kelly SMA $290.00
5th James Fairneny SMA $223.00
6th Wallace Streletsky N. Shore $172.00
7th Richard Huff N. Shore $144.00
$120 NL 3rd Chun Destramp Gr. Lowell $806.00
4th Daniel Zuckerman CMA $605.00
11th Britta Reissfelder CHA $216.00
12th Ronald Miller N. Shore $216.00
$160 NL 2nd Sean Morris N. Shore $3,824.00
3rd Marc Braunstein N. Shore $2,500.00
4th Christopher Evangelous Fram $2,320.00
6th Martinho Camara R.I. $1,052.00
12th Catherine Connaughton N. Shore $384.00
17th Patrick Banyaniye R.I. $323.00
18th Gregory Kervin R.I. $162.00
$60 NL 10th Michael Theriault N. Shore $88.00
Monday Nov. 7th
$100 NL 7th Thomas Walsh R.I. $230.00
$80 NL 1st Carlos Sierra Gr. Lowell $542.00
$100 2nd James Adams SMA $807.00
$100 Semi-Turbo 2nd Jeffrey Bowden SMA $920.00

We hope to see those who qualified for the Bar Poker Open at Borgata in Atlantic City in December!

Thank you for making Season 26 a success!


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