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Bryan Elliott – EPT Season 26 Champion – ($10,000)


EPT player, 34 year old Bryan Elliott, from Lowell, Mass. is the Eastern Poker Tour Season 26 Champion. He started back up playing EPT events in January and has been playing up to 3x a week in the Greater Lowell Area.

When it got to heads up action with Slade Edmonds, it only took 2 hands to defeat a well-skilled poker player in Edmonds. Coming into the final table, he was 2nd in chips only to Edmonds.

Bryan qualified on Saturday’s Day 1a.

A newlywed since August, Elliott said that he is going to take the first place prize of $10,000 and put a down payment on a house.


Here are the complete results:

1st Bryan Elliott $10,000.00
2nd Slade Edmonds $6,000.00
3rd Daniel Zuckerman $3,200.00
4th Robert Miller $2,300.00
5th William Landry $2,000.00
6th William Ferdinand $1,550.00
7th Jean Politano $1,200.00
8th Richard Huff $1,000.00
9th Jen Norvilus $800.00
10th Stephen Lofgrean $700.00
11th Travis Ward $450.00
12th Fleazer Doza $450.00
13th Brian Ingianni $450.00
14th Andrew Giatas $300.00
15th Brandon May $300.00
16th Thomas Belen $300.00
17th Radames Lopez $250.00
18th Bryant Taylor $250.00
19th John Kelly $250.00
20th Joseph Tallo $250.00
21st Manuel Avila $200.00
22nd John Dennehy $200.00
23rd Nathan Soares $200.00
24th Edward Murphy $200.00
25th Peter Bright $200.00
26th Debra Cafara $200.00
27th Anthony Smith $200.00
28th Christopher Piaseczny $200.00
29th Paul Dervartanian $200.00
30th Jarrod Nordin $200.00
31st Joseph Kovalchik $200.00
32nd Leonard Saltzman $200.00
33rd Robert Stiegman $200.00
34th Richard Kelley $200.00
35th Christopher Wiesner $200.00
36th Horacel Murphy $200.00
37th Andre Pereira $200.00
38th Paul Giroux $200.00
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