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The Sixteen Finalists are…

After over 11 hours and 491 players, we have reached the end of Day 1a. The following 16 players will come back on Monday to play in the 36K Finals.

Some of today finalists will be back in the morning for an attempt to get a DOUBLE stack for Monday if they can advance on Sunday.

Please note: Steven Galli’s picture is currently unavailable.

Shayne Smith - RI

Shayne Smith – RI

Breandain Keating - South Shore

Breandain Keating – South Shore

Mark Ruzzo - North Shore

Mark Ruzzo – North Shore

Charleze Cruz - Lowell

Charleze Cruz – Lowell

Jeannie Politano - Central MA

Jeannie Politano – Central MA

Elliott Marzetter - RI

Elliott Marzetter – RI

Vickie Chouinard - Lowell

Vickie Chouinard – Lowell

Lonnie Powell - Framingham

Lonnie Powell – Framingham

Dave Adams - Lowell

Paul Adams – Lowell

George Ocnos - Framingham

George Ocnos – Framingham

Richie Brennan - South Shore

Richie Brennan – South Shore

Meliss Weiner - Framingham

Melissa Weiner – Framingham

Rocco Ecgar - RI

Rocco Ecgar – RI

Michael Edwards - South Shore

Michael Edwards – South Shore

Karina Angelopolus - South Shore

Karina Angelopolus – South Shore


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  • Linda Adams

    Its PAUL ADAMS from Lowell….not Dave : )

    • EPT Admin

      Correction has been made. Players were asked to print clearly so the Live Reporter could get their names correct. Thank you for noticing. =)

  • Had a great night ,took two very bad beats near the 23 remaining pocket ace,s and poket jack,s,overall it was fun,congrats to fellow rhode island region players shane smith,rocco edgar,back at it this morning good luck everyone