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Top 16 Points Championship List

Here is your top 16! Have a great night ans see you all tomorrow.

Justin Mooney-09698Justin Mooney (985,000)

Gregory Davis -09702Gregory Davis (1,155,00) (2nd day qualifier and will have double starting stack for finals)

Charles Hogan Jr. -09705Charles Hogan Jr. (420,000)

Donna Vining-09709Donna Vining (405,000)

Stephen Lofgren-09711Stephen Lofgren (85,000)

Cheryl Deleary -09712Cheryl Deleary (395,000) and Charles who are boyfriend and girlfriend at the finals together!

John Roderigues-09713John Roderigues (445,000)

Ken Knapp-09695Ken Knapp (650,000)

Daniel McCoy-09696Daniel McCoy (1,785,000)

Mike Gauthier-09699Mike Gauthier (450,000)

Matt Casey-09700Matt Casey (1,135,000)

Paul Giroux-09703Paul Giroux (1,035,000)

Shawn Murphy-09704Shawn Murphy ( 560,000)

Bridget Meagher-09707Bridget Meagher (475,000)

Paul Careau-09708Paul Careau (300,000)

Michael Olival-09710Michael Olival (805,00)



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