9:52 pm

Johnny Kelly Wins “Individual” Portion of EPT Team Poker Challenge

After battling for nine hours, Johnny Kelly from Blackstone, Mass. wins the EPT Team Poker Challenge. Over the past 4 years has 43 wins under his belt. A very well like person in the EPT community, joined forces with Sandra Drum, Linda Rodrigues, and Chris Piaseczny to form “Beat The Drum” team. Kelly plays five […]

7:00 pm

Final Table and Chip Counts

Seat 1 Chris Crouch Courtsey Flush 1,330,000 Seat 2 Frank Venturini Scratch Ticket Frank 260000 Seat 3 Bob Teehan Flippin Aceholes 260000 Seat 4 Johnny Kelly Beat the Drun 1,065,000 Seat 5 Filipe Braganca BR Team 235000 Seat 6 Don Kirkness It Was Suited 320000 Seat 7 Jordan Fishman Old Guys Rule 775000 Seat 8 […]

2:42 pm

An “Eliminator” Almost Eliminated Team “Lose on the River” on the Flop

Level 6 (1000/2000) Seeing a flop of Q♠ Q♦ 4♦, Scott Brown (Lose on the Turn) went all-in for roughly 14,500. Mike Olsen (The Eliminators) tanked for a few minutes wondering what Scott may/may not have. A player not in hand had just called “clock” and Mike made the call. Brown – Ace/King offsuit (Nut […]