6:09 pm

Final Table is Set!

We have now reached our Final Table after Don Kirkness was eliminated in 11th place. Here is the list by chip counts: Bob Moran 586,000 Mike Defalco 324,000 Susan DeAmato 295,000 Steve Saporetti 255,000 John Varela 168,000 Ron Greenhalgh 162,000 Brian Jacques 154,000 Keven Marden 150,000 Haley Murey 127,000 Rich Kelley 110,000 Here is what […]

5:32 pm

We Are Now In The Money…..

Everyone who is left is guaranteed to walk away with $200. The winner today will take home $2500! Here is the list of who is still in… Bob Moran N.S John O’Malley SMA Mike Defalco RI Susan DeAmato SMA Haley Murey RI Anthony Smith Lwll Don Kirkness Lwll Rich Kelly N.S Kevin Marden Fram Charles […]